5 Affiliate Marketing Tips Bad Managers Don't Want You To Know

Affiliate marketing is everywhere. We exposed some bad affiliate manager practices, and now we are giving you more affiliate marketing tips that those managers don't want you to know.

Everyone, including Nerd Mama, uses affiliate marketing links to generate income. They are the links in the text that when clicked on take you to a merchant site. If you make a purchase through those links, the affiliate makes a commission at no cost to you. We use them here on Nerd Mama and on Dancing With Fireflies. 

Not all Affiliate Managers are bloggers, but some have marketing expertise. Use it!

This isn’t a bad thing.  Some managers actually have marketing backgrounds and are great at helping bloggers merge writing and marketing for a great relationship.

Ask them for keywords, SEO tips, and marketing help. After all, you are making them money. They should be helping you!

One of my favorite managers is actually a blogging expert and has done several blogging analyses for me, pointing out things that he knew were holding me back from not only gaining more traffic but making more money.  It was some of the best advice I've ever been given!

You need to write content every day.

If you are going to be successful, you need to be creating every day.  This doesn’t mean you need to post everything.  It means that you need to be writing every day.  You need to be creating EVERY DAY.

This content needs to be worked on, tended to, and like a garden with love and time, it will grow. Writing to insert affiliate links is not good writing, and it is terrible blogging.

Crap affiliate managers don't want you to write in your niche, they want you to write what's trending for THEM right that moment.

This means anytime there is a sale, they want you to push it. Any time there is a holiday, they want you to drive traffic to their merchants. They do not care about your niche, your readers, or your personal beliefs.

I have had Affiliate managers demand that I give up my personal beliefs to push a sale. NO! 

You are not going to drive ideal readers who turn into followers through traffic that is only there to drive a sale to some unknown brand.

Writing every day is how your blog is going to thrive. You can’t spend 2 hours a week on your blog and expect that to work.  Google won’t direct anyone to your site. You have to be writing 5-7 well written long posts on each subject you plan on using affiliate links with.

So if your blog is about cooking, and you want to push links about vibrators, you need to give your readers 5-7 posts about sex toys or sex in general before that link will make sense to your readers. And you need to find a way that these posts make sense to your niche and why your readers will make the connection.

Keep in your niche lane. You can go wide, but you shouldn't just break free and start running with random links.

Nerd Mama Example for vibrators:

5 Sexy Time Toys For Nerd Mamas ( Don't use that, I'm already gonna write it!)

Technology in the bedroom ( I like that too!)

Netflix and Chill Alone ( I might be on to something!)


If you are writing great content, you do NOT have to pay to review products!!!!

If you are thriving as a writer, if you are making great social media connections, if you are gaining a GOOD reputation from your writing,  you do NOT have to purchase products from your affiliate links in order to write a review or talk about them!!!!

This one steams me up.  No no no!  I will not be told that if I want to write about a product, I need to spend my own money and buy that product. NO!

First of all, if I write a review about a product that I spent my money on, I am going to do so because I made the purchase and it excites me and I want to share it. I LOVE my Surface Headphones. I loved them, I wrote about them, and I moved on. Sometimes you will find a product you love that you have an affiliate link for. GREAT! But you don't have to make a purchase just to write a review.

You are going to find Terrible Affiliate Managers who will try to convince you that you need to buy the products you are writing about. Why? Because THEY make money from that sale!!! 

Listen to me, I get pitches all the time from companies to do reviews on Dancing With Fireflies and here on Nerd Mama. They pitch to ME to send me products for review at no cost to me. Often not only will they send me the product for FREE, but we work out a “Sponsored Post” agreement for compensation of my time to do that review, and I keep the product.

I do not have to buy products for reviews.  And anyone who tries to tell you that you won’t get the “Authentic customer experience” if you don’t spend your own money to make a purchase through the affiliate link and buy something from their brand, is trying to make money from YOU!

Writing intentionally doesn’t mean writing only for affiliate linking.

Write with a purpose in mind. Just like the practice of mindfulness, writing intentionally means you have a goal in mind for each paragraph.

If your goal is to drive traffic to ThemeIsle WordPress Themes.  You need to set that up in the article content.

If you are an Arts and Crafts blogger and the post is about DIY CBD Honey, suddenly pitching ThemeIsle, it isn’t going to mesh well. Instead you want to use links that relate to what you are writing about, like CBD oil tinctures, glass jars, ect. 

Don’t listen to Affiliate managers that tell you that you can produce a flea market type blog with topics in every direction and still be a credible blog.  You will destroy your niche credibility.

 But if you are a tech blogger, then it makes sense to share with your readers why you like a product. Yes, I use ThemeIsle and that’s what we use here on Nerd Mama. But don't over link and don't start peddling everything under the sun. 

Sneaky Affiliate Managers Don't Want You To Know The Truth

If you don’t believe the product is a good idea, don’t tell people it is!

“That meal prep delivery is $15-25 a person, and you have to get a 2-person plan 3-4 times a week! That’s expensive!” This was me when I was told to promote a costly meal in a box plan. The response from the affiliate manager – “Just because you can’t afford it, doesn’t mean everyone is poor. Write the article anyways. You don’t know who your readers are.”

Honest to god, that’s was what an affiliate manager said to me in front of my peers at a blogging conference.

That’s when I realized this was all wrong.

Not only did she infer that I couldn't afford to buy the product, but she was also condescending, and demanded that I try to convince readers that they needed to buy from her link just so she could get her commission. 

One of my favorite takeaways from Jasmine Star’s class -Social Media Bootcamp was to know my readers.  To not only have an idea but to know exactly who I am writing for. I know her name, how old is she, what does she like, and what her income level is.  So this stupid statement that I have no idea who I’m writing for made me laugh.  Because she’s never been a successful blogger and she doesn’t know that I take my readers' interests to heard.  I would never push a product I don’t believe in, to them.

Your blog is a reflection of you and you should be proud of it. Don't let sneaky affiliate managers ruin the joy and love you have of your blog. Take action today to keep your blog dirt-free, don't let it be taken over by ads that take away from your beautiful words.

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