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All of these lines across my face tell you the story of who I am. So many stories of who I am. So many stories of where I’ve been and how I got to where I am. But these stories don’t mean anything when you’ve got no one to tell them to.  It’s true: I was made for you.

Brandi Carlile “The Story”

Hey everyone, I’m Crysta, and this is a little about me, where my stories come from and how I’ve come to write for both Dancing With Fireflies and Nerd Mama.

I'm so excited for this next blogging adventure. Every new day there is something new to be done, written, and shared.

I am a huge music nerd. There is always music playing somewhere, perhaps even in my head. I’m a die-hard Brandi Carlile fan, you’ll see her posters all through my house, and I’ve seen her many times in small and large shows. What inspires me about her music is that it is unapologetically real.  She doesn’t stop being nerdy, she laughs loud at her own jokes, and her authenticity is her real beauty.

Growing up, music was a shelter for me against a violent family life and some challenging teenage years. There was a time when I was broke, homeless, and wondering how long I could keep it up. I was surrounded by liars and struggled to find myself. A lot of the lines on my face came from overcoming childhood trauma, battling Lyme Disease, and learning on my own how to be authentically Me.

My favorite book is The Velveteen Rabbit, the hunt to become Real, and what “Real” actually looks like isn’t what you expect.


I’m a Mama of 5 and Bubbie of 1.  I sometimes call my dog, Wynter, my other daughter and a few years ago Wynter got her first dog, Riley.  My kids are all adults now, I’ve passed the baby and kid stage of Motherhood, and now my husband, Michael, and I are in the mostly empty nest state of parenthood.

I’ve been a blogger for about 8 years. My first blog eventually morphed into Dancing With Fireflies, and now Nerd Mama is my second writing project along with DWF.

I am a gamer Mom.  I LOVE video games, and I prefer the Xbox to all other systems.  I’m currently playing Destiny 2 and still waiting for the latest Ori game after falling in love with Ori and The Blind Forest. (I loved that game!) And I still make Portals jokes regularly, especially around bakeries.  Cake is always a lie.

This year, Michael and I built our dream home. From the ground up, we worked to build the smartest modern farmhouse we have ever seen and taught our builder a few things about tech toys along the way.

I don’t claim to be the brains.  I leave that to Michael and his brainy job.  But I love new toys, kitchen gadgets are my favorite.  I also love having the latest phone and camera. (I do love my iPhone and watch, but for some good reasons that you’ll read about later.) However, not all of those purchases have been good ones, and I wish someone had been frank with me about what they can and can’t do.  That’s when I started thinking about writing more honest reviews about the toys and tech we have in our life.

In our house, we have had a lot of kids come into our lives that call our kitchen “Home” and they always know they have a safe place to come and lay down their burdens.  I love that, and I will always put on a pot of tea, teach them how to make a meal from start to finish while listening to their stories, and I’ll be that Mama that tries to guide them in a way I hope they listen to.

So Nerd Mama and Dancing With Fireflies will often have crossover episodes, starting the story in one place and ending it somewhere else. I believe that a good story often has different points of view. While Dancing With Fireflies is more about home, family, and how we got to where we are. Nerd Mama hopes to teach you a few things, make you laugh with honest reviews, and show you where we are going in the future.

Thanks for reading, and we want to hear what you think in the comments.  Don’t be afraid to tell us what you like and what you didn’t.  We are real people, and we want your feedback!

~ Crysta

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