skeletor's cat mask

10 Funny Face Masks You Need To Go Out

    2020 has been one crazy episode after another. Sometimes I’m wondering if we should switch the channel, but I just can’t look away! Aliens, Rednecks, Mummies, and more. I’m waiting for a real life Sharknado! And don’t get me started on that pompous asshat’s daily briefings. Hell, with all of this insanity, I don’t want out of quarantine!

    Blogging 101 Freebie! Online Pinterest Event

      My friends over at Tailwind are hosting a Pinterest GetTOGETHER twice a week, starting Thursday, March 26th and continuing on Tuesdays and Thursdays for as long as we need them.

      Each Thursday at 5pm ET, we’ll GetTOGETHER and cover a quick intro to Pinterest marketing, using Tailwind and some simple tips for success. Then, we’ll spend 30 minutes Pinning, creating, and enjoying each other’s company. Give and get feedback, ask questions, share your work! Questions are welcome!

      Microsoft Surface Headphones

      Surface Headphones Review

        If you liked this post, please share it! Facebook-f Twitter Pinterest Linkedin-in Previous Next This week we are reviewing Microsoft’s Surface Headphones Hey everyone!  It’s holiday gift-buying season, and we have a great product for the person on your list… Read More »Surface Headphones Review

        How to use BERT

        What is BERT?

          What is Google’s BERT? The AI That Learns How People Speak What is BERT? Everyone is talking about how BERT is changing the way we search, the way bloggers like myself write their blogs, and the future of AI logic.… Read More »What is BERT?