CES 2020

I'm back from another LONG day at CES 2020. And I'm exhausted from all of the walking and talking! We spent today talking to some great vendors about what's new and what they have to offer. Today we went over to the Sands to see some of the smaller vendors and innovations. The theme today seemed to be sleep, sex, and tracking.

There were a lot of beds, pillows, sleep trackers, sleep masks, and massage chairs on display at CES 2020.  We tried out the new Sleep Number bed with heat and cooling, which was VERY comfortable and a big hit

CES 2020 review

At CES Google is everywhere! We stood in line to check out the giant gumball machine and ask Google Assistant a questions. In return we got a giant gumball with hidden treasures. We walked away with a Wendy's giftcard, a t-shirt, and I got a nice pair of wireless headphones! Most of all, we got the chance to talk to some of the other attendees and watch the crowd from our place in line for an hour.

Impossible at CES 2020

Meat Alternative superpower, Impossible Foods were on site introducing their new “Pork” products in delicious sandwiches. A little more dense and chewy than their burgers, we LOVED the new products that will be available soon in restaurants around the country. We are big Impossible fans in our house, so when we got the chance to try their new products we were thrilled. We even walked away with a spiffy pair of Impossible socks! 

We fell in love with the “Motion-Pillow” after we tried it out. So much that we pre-ordered it so we can do a review here on Nerd Mama! I love that Michael is always willing to try things out so I can snap the photos. He's a great Test Dummy! This product is actually for both of us in a way.  He has sleep issues an snores heavily. So if he can get a quieter night's sleep, so can I!  So we are both excited for this release.

Motion Pillow at CES 2020

After women's pleasure product start-up Lora DiCarlo was selected as a CES 2019 Innovation Awards for its Osé “personal massager.” and then stripped of her award, she let the world know how wrong that was and women everywhere stood with her to make sure CES didn't make that mistake again. She was given back her award and we saw her booth in the center area today along with several other products for women's sexual health. 

This year they introduced two new innovative designs to their family of simulators. 

Because we know Nerd Mamas understand the power of self-love and technology, we checked out a few of the other tech toy companies for women's pleasure products. We met some great people and we will be bringing you those stories as well on Nerd Mama!

CES has something for everyone. But be prepared to do a lot of walking and even more talking. This is the place to meet the companies and test the products. 

After another long day, I'm exhausted. Now I'm looking for a place for dinner and going to bed early so we can do it all again tomorrow!

I wish I'd gotten a nap in one of those sleep pods!

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