Hey everyone! We are back from Las Vegas and the 2020 CES technology show. It was a great event, there was so much to see and cover. This was our first year attending the show, and I am EXHAUSTED! With over 4500 exhibitors showing off their newest technology, it was impossible to see it all. 

Our CES focus for Nerd Mama was on technology for the home and family wellness. These picks are the gadgets that we got to see, touch, and try out at the show that were from some of the smaller exhibits.

CES 2020: Gadgets We Want To See You Using This Year

The Tech We Love

CES Highlights

Besides walking for MILES everyday ( I only averaged about 6 miles a day. ) we spent a lot of time talking to the smaller exhibitors at the show. To be honest, as a smaller blog without a “Influencer” badge, it's pretty hard to get face time with the bigger companies.  Even with some of the smaller groups, time is limited and there are a lot of people pushing for attention.

Sleep tech was one of the hot topics at the 2020 CES show. It is a innovative niche, and one with a huge following.  Since sleep and health are tied so closely together, we took a look at some of the sleep and wellness gadgets and were impressed with the variations.  

We also saw a lot of attention around automation of the day to day life activities. From automated cooking, self-driving cars, even mirrors that help you pick out your clothes, everything in your life can be handed over to technology. One of the automated features I thought was pretty cool was some of the smart home devices that assign personal settings to showers for the ease of temperature, pressure, and even music as soon as you walk into the shower.

I met so many wonderful people, learned a lot about everything from pillows, technology for pain relief, to sexual wellness tech for women. I'm also excited to share that we will be sharing articles this spring from many of those collaborations that came from CES 2020.

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CES Tech gadgets

Motion Pillow

This Innovations Award honoree was one of our favorites, we even pre-ordered the 2nd generation pillow with the built-in wireless charger to try out.  We will have that review here on Nerd Mama as soon as we get it! 

This sleep tech device from Korean health-tech company 10Minds  is for people with snoring problems. It is not a medical device and they are clear about that. But what they do offer is a solution for good sleeping posture. 

We took a 2 minute rest with the Motion Pillow at the show and fell in love with the design that tracks your sleep information, head position, and breathing patterns to change the structure of the pillow for each person's needs. 

What we loved: This pillow smoothly moves your head to adjust to give you the best airflow without waking you up.

The previous version of this pillow is available on Amazon.  You can preorder on their website for the 2nd generation.

Sleep Number Climate360

Unless you've lived in a cave your whole life, you have heard of the Sleep Number bed. We had one a few years ago, but it wasn't for us because the major flaw in the design was a wall down the middle of the bed that was made from hard foam.  Well Sleep Number came to the show this year with their Climate 360 smart bed and changed my mind about the Sleep Number mattress. 

The sleep tech built into this mattress not only warm or cools you to get you to sleep, but it also monitors your body temperature for the optimal temperature and circulates ambient air. 

I gave this mattress a little test nap at the show and I was impressed with the comfort from both sides AND the middle of the bed. It also has the ability to monitor heart rate, breathing, as well as your sleep metrics. 

What I Loved: I love the head and foot elevation, personal temperature settings for each side, and how soft the bed was even after having hundreds of people giving it a try. 

Climate360 is due out in 2021


b-hyve flood sensors and smart sprinkler timers

Drawn in by the new flood sensors, we spent some time talking to the guys at the b-hyve and learned a little more about smart sprinkler timers. Water tech for your yard means you are making smarter watering decisions based on the ecological needs of your year and weather.  And you can do it from your smartphone of coarse! 

We also were introduced to smart flood sensors that can warn you if your dishwasher, washing machine, or hot water heater have a leak before you have major issues.

What I liked:By sending an alert to your phone, the smart sensors save you $$!

Square Off NEO & SWAP: Smart Automated Board Games

My husband, Michael, loves chess. He will play with anyone and loves the long game and challenge. I however hate chess and can't remember anything except the horse moves in a U-shape.

This year Square Off brought their newest automated, connected chess boards that allow players to connect and play with anyone around the world, even strangers.

Beautifully crafted wooden boards hide the smart gaming technology that smoothly glides the pieces across the board from either player.

What I liked: It was crazy to watch the pieces move on their own, but what I liked about this was the ability to play with a human being. Maybe a friend or someone new, you are always playing a new challenging game.

CES technology gadget


Powered by love, the Lovot robots are companion bots that are taught to enjoy tickles, touch, and their favorite person. With over 50 sensors, a camera, microphone and even a thermal camera that can tell Lovot if it is talking to a human or a couch, this little boy is helping people share the love.  This toddler like robot is fully interactive.

What I liked: The house mapping technology is cool. But to be honest, I liked this robot's soft feel and expression. You can even dress them up. 

This bot will be available sometime in 2020

ClearUP by Tivic Health

If you suffer from allergies or sinus pain, like me, you are always looking for something other than expensive medications to help control your symptoms. 

At CES, I met the team at Tivic Health and tried out the ClearUP sinus pain relief device.  This device uses microcurrent waveforms to help reduce allergy-related sinus pain around your eyes and sinus area. 

The ClearUP is a small handheld teardrop shaped device that delivers clinically-proven treatment. I loved it so much that I went back twice to get another treatment. The effects only last 3-4 hours and the relief can be slight at first. But testing out the device felt pretty darn good to me! You press the pointy end of the device to your skin and wait until the buzzing stops, then slowly drag it to the next area and repeat. What happens is that the muscles seem to relax and the pain and inflammation recedes a bit. 

What I liked: This was one of the only devices that I really wanted to take home with me right then.  However, they couldn't sell them to me on the floor. Treatments take about 5 minutes and it actually felt really nice to take 5 minutes to calm down and focus on the subtle buzzing relief. 

For sale now on Amazon – $149.99

Note: We are not giving medical advice for this or any other device or suggested product.  We are only talking about our experiences and sharing the information we've been given.  You should always consult your doctor about issues in your health and don't believe everything you read or hear on the internet.  Except maybe believe me, I do my best to give you the truth. 😉 

technology CES 2020


I met Amy Buckalter, the CEO and founder of Pulse at the show.  It was the last day and last minute. But she is so kind and stopped to talk to me about the Pulse device and we had a great conversation about sharing more conversations about things most of us don't know how to who to talk to about women's sexual wellness. 

She's fantastic, and she introduced me to the Pulse device, it is basically a Keurig for specialty lubricant formulas that not only moisturize but also have other amazing benefits. And it warms it up!

The Pulse dispenses just the right amount of personal lubrication OR you can even use it for massage oils. 

It's a cool device and I really think it is something we need to be talking more about and helping women to enjoy life even more!

What I liked: Beyond the warming and dispensing, I loved that Amy came up with special formulas that are free from petrochemicals and parabens! 

No more messy cold, bottles. Check out the Pulse! 

There were so many things to see at CES 2020. But one of the big takeaways that I had from the show is that technology is taking a huge focus towards health and wellness in 2020. There were hundreds of watches that track your every move and heartbeat.  There were sleep devices that lull you into sleep and then track your sleep patterns.  And there were even toilets that not only give you the full bidet experience, but can also flush for you! ( Thankfully I didn't see any toilets that track your bodily functions.  However, I did get sent home with a “Pee stick” to test my health!

CES 202o was a great experience and I am so thankful for the opportunity to attend.  There was so much to see and learn, and I wish I'd been able to attend some of the sessions. Most of them required a VERY expensive pass to get into.  But we were able to talk to a lot of the vendors face to face and learn from them what's coming in technology.

These are some of our favorite gadgets we would love to see you checking out this year. Let us know what you think!

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