Thanks for taking a peek at our early release of Nerd Mama!

We are entering into week 2 and we still have a lot of tweaks and additions coming! We want to hear what you think so far. So please leave us a comment!

What's Nerd Mama?

Nerd Mama is my new blog that we are starting for women who are geeks, nerds, and tech lovers. I wanted to create a place to support women challenging stereotypes, supporting women's efforts to change the world, and a few tech reviews of my favorite home and lifestyle tech gadgets

We are aiming for a December Full Start.  But we have a few early posts to share for now. 



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10 Funny Face Masks You Need To Go Out

2020 has been one crazy episode after another. Sometimes I'm wondering if we should switch the channel, but I just can't look away! Aliens, Rednecks, Mummies, and more. I'm waiting for a real life Sharknado! And don't get me started on that pompous asshat's daily briefings. Hell, with all of this insanity, I don't want out of quarantine!

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Meet The Creators


Hey everyone!  I'm Crysta and I'll be your Nerd Mama.  We will talk about fun tech toys, teach you a little about how to keep your home cyber safe and even dish on the latest tech and pop culture news!


Michael is the brains behind the Nerd Mama blog. He's the expert and the go to guy for nerd news!