The Environmental And Health Benefits Of Landscaping And What You Need To Know

There is no denying that our climate has changed and we need to do all we can to help heal our planet. We all know that we must do more to fight pollution, reduce plastic, and lower our carbon footprint.  But did you know that how you landscape your yard can also benefit the planet?

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The Environmental Benefits Of Landscaping

Trees and Grass act as a natural air conditioner –

Trees and grass actually cool the surrounding locations and provide shade that cools your outdoor space. Planting trees and bushes are an easy way to cool your outdoor living area without running fans or building covered areas.

Improve air quality – 

A healthy lawn and landscaping act as an environmental air cleaner because they capture smoke, dusk, pollution, and other air impurities.  Plants and trees absorb carbon dioxide and produce clean oxygen for us to breathe.  Did you know that just one tree can absorb 26 pounds of carbon dioxide from the air each year?

Improve water quality- 

You might think that having a lawn or trees would take up a lot of water and be negative for the environment. However, a maintained lawn can actually help filter chemicals from water runoffs that are toxic to natural bodies of water and wildlife.  Here on the East Coast, we have heavy downpours in the rainy seasons and hurricanes passing through. Adding grass to your landscaping is a great way to prevent erosion and slow the flow of residue into the water sources. Areas like Deleware are prone to flooding and rely on ground covers to prevent the water from rutting through the ground. 

Reduce noise pollution –

Trees and plants can reduce noise pollution by providing sound barriers that can decrease noise levels by 20-30% as compared to hard surfaces. 

Our dog, Riley, loves spending time chasing balls in our yard and laying out on the lawn.

Benefits for Humans and Pets

Calming effects and other health benefits from landscaping-

There are many mental and physical improvements being studied about why humans should spend more time in nature and among plants and trees. A beautiful landscape for your home provides a soothing feeling that promotes lowering blood pressure and hypertension issues. We are all looking for ways to reduce stress, taking time in nature can help.  Children feel more relaxed and the elderly see fewer health problems when they can spend time outside close to trees, grass, and plants.  Gardening has been proven to be healthy for all ages!

Get Some Vitamin D– Before the weather turns dark and cold, one of the best ways to get vitamin D is by spending it outdoors. We need to get sunlight and the foods that we eat naturally also contain Vitamin D but don’t have enough to satisfy our optimal requirements. Your body’s best source of Vitamin D is the sun. Try to get at least 15 minutes of direct sun exposure on your skin every day and the fresh air will help too.

Assist In Sleeping Heavier – Has it been difficult sleeping lately? Remember when you were a kid and you spent all your free time outdoors for hours at a time. Do you remember how good you slept after a hard day like that? The same goes for you as an adult too. Similar to sunlight, spending time outdoors is also your body’s natural rhythm and your sleep cycle is likely to suffer if you don’t spend time outdoors.


What you should know about landscaping

Environmentally healthy landscaping takes into consideration the chemicals that go caring for the trees and plants.  It's important to practice safe lawn care, including knowing when to fertilize and what pesticides and herbicides can harm the environment. 

Trees also need special care to prevent diseases and proper ways of cutting limbs and removing trees when needed. 

If you live in Delaware, Daniel’s Lawn and Tree Service can assist you! They are pros at landscaping installation, maintenance, and outdoor lighting. Perhaps your backyard is cluttered with trees. This tree removal service in New Castle County is one of the best to help you get rid of trees that are too old or pose damage from strong winds. 

Having a good lawn and tree service can help you work through trouble areas and help reduce water usage.

However you choose to landscape your yard, make sure you are looking into how you can make it a peaceful safe space for humans and animals. There are some great irrigation technologies that help you manage how long and when you wanted, monitor your water usage, and even can delay watering based on the weather conditions. 

We suggest you talk with some landscaping experts in your area and get some suggestions on suitable plants and trees for your area and your family's needs. Learn about what plants and trees might work well and what might be harmful to pets.  And most of all, do what you can to protect the environment. 

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