Love Instagram but hate all of the work it takes to make your posts look great? Schedule your posts, drag and drop them to create a beautiful flow, and get some tips and suggestions for writing great content. We took this new app feature for a test drive and we are excited to share our thoughts with all of you.

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How To Schedule Instagram Posts Easily With Drag and Drop!

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Hey Everyone! I am so excited and I have to share this cool feature that has made my Instagram experience so much better! I have been scheduling my Instagram posts with Tailwind  and I LOVE their new Tools!  You can even use Smart.Bio and link each post to where you want to redirect to! But my favorite feature is the drag and drop and I'll tell more about that in just a minute. I am so excited!!

One of most annoying things about Instagram is how to write the content and make it look good with spaces and breaks. I've tried so many different apps to do this, and it always ends up looking terrible.  So when I heard about the new features for Instagram through Tailwind, I gave it a try.  

There are so many great features to explore like: 

  • Schedule videos
  • Schedule stories
  • Photo cropping
  • Batch scheduling
  • Regram Instagram posts
  • Profile analytics
  • Post inspector
  • Summary email reports
  • Multiple accounts

How to schedule Instagram posts

The first thing you need to do is to set up a free-trial Tailwind account. It's simple and it will quickly grab your Instagram photos for you. If you already have a Tailwind Instagram Plus plan, go check out the new Instagram relaunch. You'll see that everything has been improved and the dashboard is so easy to use. You'll want to switch to an Instagram Business account to make this work the best. Then you will have access to deeper insights and to be able to use the auto-publish feature.

New users can try Tailwind free for up to 30 scheduled Instagram posts. After trying it out, I'll be keeping the upgrade.  It's so much better than anything I've tried.

I love using Tailwind for my Dancing.Fireflies Instagram account because finally I can write great Instagram posts, schedule them to go out on days and times that are best for my followers, and I love the Mad-lib style caption suggestions that really help me to come up with great posts.

At a high-level, Tailwind for Instagram helps you:

  • Visually plan your feed with a drag and drop grid planner
  • Stay consistent with built-in content plans and post inspiration
  • Confidently optimize each post to stand out with SmartSchedule & Hashtag Finder
  • Drive More Traffic 24/7 with an Auto-Updating Bio Link
  • Schedule on-the-go with revamped mobile apps
New Instagram Features on Tailwind

How To Drag and Drop On Instagram

I am a visual person, so I fell in love with the drag and drop scheduling feature with this new update. Now I can move Instagram posts around and see how they will look together. 

After you create your posts, you can go to the 

Smart Tools help you to post smarter

Now you can look to see when the best time to post would be, suggested hashtags, and even save your favorite hashtags with the Smart Tools.
Before using Tailwind, I was always testing to see best times to post based on when my audience was most engaged. Now I can get more out of every post.
Instagram-Tailwind-Drag and Drop


Tailwind’s Hashtag finder allows you to get the perfect mix of relevant hashtags to get discovered by more of the right followers. And if you’d rather your hashtags not be published in your caption, you can automatically publish them as the first comment!

Personalizing Your Content Plan

The Personalized Content Planning was new for me to try and I  really like the structure and suggestions.  It's easy to use and you can edit it to fit your needs. But basically, you can see how to place your posts in the 9-grin schedule to better reach your goals for your Instagram.

I've used other Instagram scheduling apps, but this iis the only one I've used that lets your move the posts around and see how they will look together. But also show you where you should post based on your category and needs. 

Bloggers, you should be using your Instagram Bio in a smart way

I discovered how to turn my Instagram Bio into a lead magnet to promote content, share sales and deals, and deliver qualified leads and it was easier than I thought.

I started using Smart.Bio by Tailwind a few months ago and suddenly I started seeing traffic delivered to my blogs from Instagram and I didn't have to learn any trickly coding or pay a monthly fee. I love it!

If you are a blogger, like me, you know how time-consuming social media can be. You need to find apps and tools that can save you time by automating some of the chores for you.

Smart.Bio can:

  • Send traffic from Instagram to your latest posts or posts you want more eyes on.
  • Save you time by giving you one link in your bio that you can update easily with new links.
  • You can customize your Smart.Bio with your brands colors, button text, even emojis!
  • And you can see the results with easy to understand data about all of your clicks you get from Instagram!

The best part? You can use FREE forever or you can start a free trial of Tailwind’s scheduling tool. That means you can schedule your content and add a link for your page at the same time. 😀

Check out my post about How and Why You Should Be Using Smart.Bio. 

Scheduling Your Instagram and Smart.Bio Links

If you are using Tailwind to schedule your Instagram posts, you can also insert your Smart.Bio link and it will update your links.

Because this is a completely free tool, anyone can use it. Tailwind is my favorite tool for Instagram and I love Smart.Bio. I hope you'll give it a try and let me know what you think!

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