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Pinning "Fresh Content" for Pinterest is Easy with Tailwind

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If you love Pinterest as much as we do, then you might have heard the news that Pinterest is encouraging pinners to publish fresh content and prioritizes fresh content over old content. Don't freak out! Thankfully Tailwind has you covered and scheduling your “Fresh Content” pins a breeze!

I've been using Tailwind for a while now and I am still finding new things that make me happy about it. It's hard to keep up on all of the daily tasks as a blogger AND be on top of all of the changes to the platforms that I use. That's why I love how Tailwind is always thinking of how to make my life easier and helping me to be more successful.

Pinterest drives more traffic to my blogs Dancing with Fireflies and NerdMama than any other platform. And in 2020 the focus for Pinterest and Google is to drive traffic to NEW content or Fresh Content that has been updated. 

This has a lot of content specialists like myself wondering what that means for us, what that means for our older content, and how we can possibly keep up.

Resharing the same content on Pinterest may get your account penalized. 

Pinterest wants to see new fresh content, images, and links. And they are cracking down on accounts that repost the same content over and over.

Let's be clear, Pinterest is a visual search engine. The URL isn't as important as the visual content to Pinterest. So you can update your old content with new images and Pinterest will love it.

I started using the SmartGuide tool on Tailwind. What this tool does is monitor your Pins to let you know if you need to make changes.

I love that Tailwind is keeping up on the updates. The SmartGuide feature is available now to Tailwind subscribers and it is right on your dashboard!

If you are a blogger, like me, you know how time-consuming social media can be. The most valuable tools are ones that can save you time by automating some of the chores for you.

How To Create Fresh Content:

  • Besides writing new articles for your blog, part of blogging means you need to also create eye catching images to go along with that content. Pinterest loves new posts and images.
  • Rewriting pin descriptions and titles is not enough. 
  • Take a look at your content that has been posted for over 1 year. Check your links, give it a fresh image, and make sure it is still relevant.
  • Create title graphics for Pinterest.  We love PicMonkey because they have some great templates for Pinterest and you just have to customize it for your blog post.
  • Update your post, and create multiple images that you can use to pin later.
  • Share other people's pins too! This helps YOU and your Pinterest friends.
  • Don't try to cheat the system, creating new images isn't that hard. Just do the work.


Remember: the key is that the image must be new and fresh to Pinners! So use your best judgment and don’t try to make minor imperceptible changes to try to “fool” Pinterest into thinking that it’s a Fresh Pin. If you have to look really hard to see what’s different about one Image from another, that’s probably a good sign that you need to make some more meaningful changes.

Don't Panic!

The vast majority of Tailwind members who have SmartGuide enabled and are publishing a healthy volume of Pins will see our SmartGuide “All Clear” badge, as in the prototype screenshot below.

You can still pin the same image to multiple boards and you can still use Tailwind's SmartLoop. Tailwind has updated their recommendation on how often you should re-share the same image. This is why looking at the analytics is important so you can see which pins are still getting traffic and which ones need to go.

Natural pinning activity is fine. Pinterest is just trying to get rid of the spammers who push the same image over and over with spammy links.

Try it Free!

Smartguide is now available for all Tailwind Plus members!

The first thing you need to do is to set up a free-trial Tailwind account. Then you can add up to 100 pins to take SmartGuide for a test run before committing to a paid plan.

Tailwind is only $14.99 per account per month. Plus, you’ll get a discount if you pay for a yearly subscription. And trust me, it's worth every penny! I couldn't run two blogs without it!

SmartGuide can:

  • Advise you on which pins you are posting need to be freshed up in order give you an “All Clear”
  • SmartGuide will monitor all of your pins to help you increase your reach.
  • It will suggest easy fixes for the issues it finds so you can load your queue with great Pinterest happy pins.
  • And you can see the results with easy to understand data about all of your clicks you get from Pinterest!
Pinterest wants fresh content

Some Pins Can Be Re-shared.

Some pins like seasonal pins can be re-shared when they are relevant only once or twice a year.  This means pins that might not get monthly traffic, like our pin shown here. It's a seasonal pin and won't see much summer or spring traffic. 

You can also reshare older pins to move them up in your board. But you don't want to share that post too often. This is a good time to check the SmartGuide to make sure it's got the All Clear. 

I think if you want to share those older posts, creating a new image is a better strategy. When I make a new post, I like to make 3-5 graphics at the same time and I can use those images later to both update my post and to create pins.  Remember, creating new content is better for your overall traffic. So repurposing old blog posts into new ones is a good way to keep the content fresh. 

Here’s a screenshot of what you might see if SmartGuide detects potentially risky behavior that might reduce your distribution so that you can make adjustments before publishing. The vast majority of Tailwind members will not see this indicator. 

Scheduling Your Pins on Pinterest is easy with Tailwind and SmartGuide helps you to pin with the up-to-date best practices!

Things change all the time, and this tool keeps up on those changes so you can focus on creating great content.

Tailwind is my favorite tool for Pinterest and I love SmartGuide. I hope you'll give it a try and let me know what you think!

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