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Vibrators, Lubricants, Couple’s toys, and women’s sexual health hit the tech world and 2020 proves to be the year that we proudly talk about the innovations that are helping women live healthier and happier lives. Sex-tech is getting people to talk about what works and what doesn’t!

For many years, CES had no issue with sex-bots for men. But until recently, sexual wellness devices for women were considered “Immoral” and were rejected from being displayed front and center at the conference. This year we headed to sunny Las Vegas and discovered an undercurrent of rebellion, women and sex-tech companies speaking loudly and happily about the change in the technology for helping women live healthier lives.

Why do we need to talk about Sex-Tech?

Okay, let’s not be prudes here.  Women do not have to be ashamed of wanting to have an orgasm or enjoying sex. But for generations, we have been told not to be “obscene” and to “act like a lady.” Well, this Mama wants the ladies to know that your mental and physical health depends on good sexual health and wellness. Did you know that you can decrease anxiety and enhance your mood? The dopamine actually makes you feel happier and give you a healthy heart!

Why shouldn’t women have options for improving their sex lives? Not everyone is in a relationship.  Not everyone has a partner able to give you the “Boom,” and that’s okay! Sometimes, it’s nice to have some self-love just because! That’s why sex-tech is great.

Our brains are wired to want sex. Sex-Tech for women helps us to enjoy our bodies, sleep better, relieve stress, and even improve our relationships with our partner.

We need to talk more about sex-tech because helping women isn’t a dirty topic! Teaching women about their bodies, how they can enjoy their bodies with or without a partner, and allowing women to talk about what their needs are, helps everyone. We can’t do better if we don’t know what the problem is.

We can’t advance if we are too afraid to talk about what is missing. Sex-tech isn’t a replacement for intimacy.  And exploring possibilities isn’t saying that anyone isn’t good enough.

Sex-Tech in the 2020’s

This year we saw a lot of new technology that wasn’t just focused on vibrating the clitoris. Pulse introduced us to lubrication warmers and customized PH-balanced blends.  We saw music being incorporated into the technology, Bluetooth options, and remote-controlled activation. There is even one device that allows your partner’s voice to control the action. Wow!

Music is a powerful aphrodisiac and connecting your device to your playlist is a new trend. I have to be honest, at first, I couldn’t really wrap my head around the idea. Why not just turn music on in the room? But this adds a whole new level of sensory experiences, and women reportedly love it! So why not? 

These days many of us have long-distance relationships or traveling partners. Remote-controlled activation is how people are physically interacting with each other when distance keeps them apart. We took a look at OhMyBod’s line of toys and kegel trainers and they are innovative, fun, and made with body-safe materials.

 OhMiBod is the creator of the original iPod vibrator, and they talked to us about their products at CES. Suki Dunham came from Apple in their product marketing department and created the first music-driven vibrator. Along with a great playlist of products for women and couples, Suki has created a market for approachable and fun sex-tech products. These products were a little difficult to experience at the conference fully, but we did take some time to handle them and check out the feel of their devices. And I have to say, I thought they were one of the best at the show. ( We may need to do a review!)

We need to change the mindset about Women’s sexual wellness

How many times have you seen a Viagra commercial play during primetime TV? Condoms are sold openly at every gas station and drug store. But even in 2020, women’s sexual items are hidden in “discreet” packaging, sold online or at “porn shops” that make just about everyone a little uncomfortable.

In sex education classes, the classes focus on abstinence, birth control, and reproduction. But they don’t talk about how and why women should enjoy the experience. This is why we have so many women going their whole lives with dull, orgasm-free lives. Because they don’t know or aren’t comfortable talking about what could be better.

If we start talking about what works, what doesn’t, what feels good, and what’s fun, we can change the way we see sex for women and the next generations of women will have more options.

Can vibrators prevent unwanted or teen pregnancy?

When we allow women to experience enjoyable solo sexual encounters, we reduce the risks of unwanted pregnancies, diseases, ect. When we teach women that they don’t need a partner to enjoy sexual activity, that there is nothing shameful about solo orgasms, then we can change the way women seek out physical relationships.

No, a sex-toy won’t prevent pregnancies or diseases, but it can reduce the demand for risky behaviors.


Modern men are embracing sex-tech.

Did you know 43.8 percent of men in the US reported the use of a vibrator at some point in their lives? The Center for Sexual Health Promotion, Indiana University, goes as far as to stay that using sex-toys can enhance sexual intercourse for both partners.

And sex-tech isn’t limited to toys for women. We saw products for men to enhance their sexual wellness through intimate devices and even resolving issues with premature ejaculation.

Sex toys are not only for solo encounters but also help to form healthier intimate relationships. There are plenty of sex-tech toys for couples.


What do we need to see next in the world of Sex-Tech?

At one of the booths, they took our phones and put them in sanitizers as they talked to us about how dirty our phones are. I believe the next thing we need to see in Sex-Tech is sanitizers for our sexual devices.

One study done on vaginally inserted sex toys before and after cleaning showed that diseases like HPV can remain and can be transmitted through sex toys even after being wiped down with a simple cleaner.

As our toys advance, so should our knowledge of how to care for this technology and keep ourselves and each other safe.


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