Looking for some cool new tools to make Instagram work for you? We discovered an easy tool that won't cost you a penny! Check out Smart.Bio and see what we think it's the best linking tool for Instagram out there!

How and Why You Should Be Using Smart.Bio For Instagram

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Hey everyone! I have a quick trick to share with you today to get the most out of your Instagram and how to share links quickly and beautifully. Nerd Mama is partnering with Tailwind to show you how to attract and convert your ideal readers with their best tool yet! Smart.Bio saves you time and money, so you don't have to spend your life chasing leads on Instagram.

One of most annoying things that most of us can agree on about Instagram is that you can't post clickable links in the caption of your Instagram photos. But I have the best tip on how you can do it, and it's forever-free to use!

Why you should be using your Instagram Bio in a smart way

I discovered how to turn my Instagram Bio into a lead magnet to promote content, share sales and deals, and deliver qualified leads and it was easier than I thought.

I started using Smart.Bio by Tailwind a few weeks ago and suddenly I started seeing traffic delivered to my blogs from Instagram and I didn't have to learn any trickly coding or pay a monthly fee. I love it!

These are my personal results, but Tailwind also publishes the Typical Results of Tailwind Members every year, so you can see exactly what the average growth rate looks like for their members

If you are a blogger, like me, you know how time-consuming social media can be. You need to find apps and tools that can save you time by automating some of the chores for you.

Smart.Bio can:

  • Send traffic from Instagram to your latest posts or posts you want more eyes on.
  • Save you time by giving you one link in your bio that you can update easily with new links.
  • You can customize your Smart.Bio with your brands colors, button text, even emojis!
  • And you can see the results with easy to understand data about all of your clicks you get from Instagram!

The best part? You can use Smart.bio FREE forever or you can start a free trial of Tailwind’s scheduling tool. That means you can schedule your content and add a link for your Smart.bio page at the same time. 😀

How to use Smart.Bio on your Instagram Bio

The first thing you need to do is to set up a free-trial Tailwind account. It's simple and it will quickly grab your Instagram photos for you. If you already have a Tailwind Instagram Plus plan, it's already there for! You can find it on the left-side of your Tailwind screen at the bottom. Click on that tab and you will go right to your Smart.Bio page.

Here you can choose your Smart.Bio URL.  Because I wanted to keep my link simple and related to my Instagram account, I chose Dancing.Fireflies. 


Smart.Bio is so smart, it pulls in links for you!

Yes! Smart.Bio looks for links in the captions and suggests them for you to use in your new Smart.Bio link boxes.

These buttons are draggable so you can rearrage the order as you need. 

You can even add links at the top for things like your blogs, a Call to Action, or contact Info! 

Over time, you can see how Smart.Bio is working for you through the data on clicks at the top.

Adding Post Links is easy!

This took looks through your Instagram feed for your posts and pulls them here so you can add clickable links. These links are only clickable and seen on the Smart.Bio screen, not on Instagram.

You can customize Smart.Bio for your brand's colors and even change names!

You can change the button colors, change the text box, even add emojis!

Not every Instagram Post has to have a link

I love that you can pick which posts you want to share. Sometimes you have one post that has important value and you want to direct people from that photo to your link. This is why you want to place it here in the Smart.Bio area.

How to add Smart.Bio to your Instagram page

In your Instagram settings, you have a place to insert your website.  This is where you will put your Smart.Bio URL link you created. 

This is how it will look:

Scheduling Your Instagram and Smart.Bio Links

If you are using Tailwind to schedule your Instagram posts, you can also insert your Smart.Bio link and it will update your smart.bio links.

Special Note: If you have an Instagram Creator account, like I do, you can still use Smart.bio 100% for free. Auto-publishing to Instagram is available for Business accounts.

Tailwind is my favorite tool for Pinterest and I love Smart.Bio. I hope you'll give it a try and let me know what you think!

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