The Best Theme and Plugin for New Bloggers

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We have been getting a lot of requests to talk more about starting a blog.  We are here to help!

We have been talking to a few of our readers and friends who are starting out on new blogging adventures. While some of you already have your niche picked out, others are trying to work out those details. The best advice I can give you about starting out is to take it slow, much slower than you think.  A good blog launch can be months in the future. 

Why set a blog launch date?

When you set a date for a blog launch, you are holding yourself accountable for meeting your time table.  It also gives your future readers a solid idea of when to expect your hard work to become something they can use.

But don't set your date without truly giving yourself enough time to accomplish your goal. 

Part of what goes into this time is learning all you can to be successful before you publish your first post.  So to help you move to the stage of creating a beautiful blog post, we  are going to share the theme and plugin that we use on all of our blogs.

The Best Theme and Plugin for New Bloggers

Neve to the rescue!

I use the theme Neve on all of my blogs because it is not only easy to learn, but it also comes with so many beautiful options to make your blog look professional. 

It is FAST, and you want that when you are building a blog. 

You also want a theme that is completely customizable. Neve is easy to use and if you get stuck, the support team is wonderful.  They have even dug into my site to help me with a problem that ended up not being a Neve issue at all!

Neve allows you to customize the design of your blog from Header to Footer

You can customize and redesign with easy drag and drop components. And if you just want something that looks great, they have tons of pre-made designs that you can customize to fit your needs and style.

Neve is made for beginners and powerful enough to impress the pros as well.

Neve works great for small businesses or bloggers who want to sell on their blog.

Set up your own online store with great features in minutes. Neve works with WooCommerce and allows you to integrate the shop feature throughout your blog.

I love being able to add products to my blog posts with an easy drag and drop. 

What we liked:

Translation & RTL Ready
SEO Friendly Markup
Fast and Easy Onboarding
Optimized for Speed
Safe Updates & Fast Support


Here are a few things that I appreciate:

I love that this theme is supported by real people who are friendly and don't mind helping newbies out of a jam. I've made mistakes that I didn't think would be so easy to fix. But once I contacted their support, they got me back on track in just a few minutes.  I also love that they are called “Happiness Engineers” and they are always fun to talk to. 

Check out Neve's website and give it a try

Now you need plugins that boost your power!

The next thing I want to share with you is the plugin that I use for building my blogs- Elementor. 

Almost everything is done from this panel. From picking the blocks, editing the text, to changing the colors and font. It's amazing and it gives me back time in my day. Other page builders are slow, hard to remember how to use, and not very flexible. Elementor plugs in and gets right to work.

Elementor – the page builder that converted me to blocks

When I first heard that WordPress was going to move to block page building I was freaked out. I love WordPress, but I almost shut down my blog because after trying to learn how to use the blocks I was so frustrated. 

Then a friend told me about Elementor and suggested that I give it a try. 

In a few minutes after installing, I created stunning landing pages, my blog looked great, and I finally had the online store I wanted.

Elementor helps me to create a blog that blows me away every time I use it.

Of all of the WordPress tools out there, this one is the I can't live without.

Elementor is meant to boost your theme, give you more options, and makes your job so much easier. 

elementor review

Elementor simplifies your design

You can change the text, the color, the placement, everything from one place. 

Because it uses a simple drag and drop style, it's easy to learn and you'll love how smoothly it works.

I love the search bar at the top where I can simply ask for what I need.

Save and Use Again!

Once you design a format that you love, you can save it and use it again and again. 

You can save small areas or the whole thing!  You can also import/export between sites!


What we liked:

Global Fonts

Copy & Paste

Global Colors 

I hope you found something that helped you to design your new blog. This can be the most fun and sometimes the most frustrating part of blogging. But once you have the foundations, like Neven and Elementor in place, then you can create without the stress.

Now you'll just need to learn how to make great graphics with PicMonkey, drive traffic to your site with Tailwind, and monetize with affiliate links!

If you are new to blogging, we would love to help answer some of your questions!  Leave them in the comments and we will try to answer them all!

~Nerd Mama