This week we are reviewing Aukey's Touch Control RGB lamp 

Hey everyone, we have another review of a fun little lamp that I actually have two of in our home. Originally I purchased them for beside lamps because I wanted something with a soft light. But after using them for a few months, we have moved them into different areas for different purposes. And I'll tell you WHY in just a little bit. 

This lamp is fun, colorful, and I think it is a decent product for under $30

Review: Aukey's Touch Control RGB lamp

The Tech We Love

What we liked about the Aukey LT-T6 Touch Control lamp:

There are several light settings for the lamp. It is fully touch controlled. It's slim and for the size gives off a decent light in the bright mode. The setup is straightforward, just unbox and plug in.

The controls are simply short taps and long taps.They don't have a lot of extra packing materials. The price is decent for the product.


  • Model Number: LT-T6
  • Input: AC 100-240V 50/60Hz
  • Power Consumption: 6W (white light), 3W (RGB light)
  • CCT: 2900K – 3100K
  • CRI: ≥Ra
  • Luminous Flux: 450lm
  • Weight: 680g / 24oz


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The Aukey LT-T6 has several light modes to choose from

You can move from the 3 soft white brightness modes with a single quick tap on the base. To move to the color mode, simply hold your finger on the base for 3-4 seconds until the color mode turns on.

After the color mode turns on, you can tap it to move to the next color, hold for 3 seconds to save that color, or let it cycle through on it's own for a color show.

Note:  You can not go back to the white color mode until you turn off the lamp.

Aukey Touch Lamp Base

Best Uses:

This is a ckever lamp for several purposes. Because it doesn't have any buttons or knobs, it makes a great light for anyone with mobility issues.  You can even touch it with your toes. ( Yep, I just tried it to make sure!)

The softness of this light is nice for people like myself who can be light sensitive.  At times I get migraines and I appreciate the soft blue color when I can't stand the brightness of a traditional light bulb.

What I wish the Aukey LT-T6 did better:

I stopped using this lamp as a bedside table after repeatedly bumping it at night and turning on the lamp. Once it is on, you have to go from dim to bright in order to turn it off. This was a huge frustration for me when I would get up early or in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom and reach for my glasses and suddenly I turned on the lamp and woke up my husband. 

So having a night mode or an All Off button would be great. 

Also, the touch can get wonky.  Sometimes it just doesn't want to switch into the color mode or stop on the color with the long touch setting. This seems to be a common complaint with other users on this device. 

Even when we were trying to do our demonstration, it was a bit frustrating to get it to move from one mode to another. 

Lastly, it does NOT work with a smart-home system. Alexa or Siri won't touch this. 

Aukey LT-T6 Touch Lamp



Our Rating


Product Quality



  • Pro #1 - Ease of use
  • Pro #2 - Color changing
  • Pro #3 - Brightness Conrol


  • Con #1 -Too sensitive for turning on
  • Con #2 - The Brightness should be reversed
  • Con #3 - It doesn't always work right

Overall thoughts about the Aukey LT-T6

I really do like the light. But I use it in my office now.  It works great behind my monitor as a back light. I've swapped to the light orange setting when I want just a little more ambiance.  And it's a decent light for the cost.

The other lamp we purchased now is with our daughter who loves the color changing light in her apartment.  It's fun and it adds some color and brightness to the room. 

Also a major drawback for me is that you can not change the bulb once it is burned out. You have to throw the device away.

I do like this device. It just has some character flaws that make it a little frustrating.





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